Hello from the VX!

I’m a ranch wife, mom of three, and lifelong corporate cowgirl.  I was raised on the big ranch my husband and I work for today.  My parents still work here, too.  Our absentee employer is a wealthy investor we don’t often see.  My family doesn’t own this land… but we do own the experience.  I love to write about and photograph what I’m experiencing:  our daily life with horses, cows, corporate ranch triumphs and frustrations, and the joys and challenges of raising kids.  I find a lot of humor in the day-to-day labor of caring for three children under age five.  I’m also an over-thinker… and a lot of times a blog will result from my efforts to sort through my feelings on a subject.  I write from a Christian perspective and always hope that sharing my experiences might help a reader feel a little more human.  From the VX here on Porcupine Creek north of Ingomar, Montana… thanks for reading!

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