PV 10/5/21

Happy October! Can you believe it? Time is going so fast. Last week the kids and I were into all sorts of things, mostly helping Beau and crew in their drive to get all the calves weaned. I and the big kids rode several days last week — they’re getting big enough to be lots of help. Muggins (3) and Marsi (6) ride less often simply because it’s harder for them to keep up. Muggins’ feet don’t quite reach his stirrups and all that trotting around is hard on a little guy’s belly! But the two littles WERE with me the afternoon I took this photo, in a pasture not too far from home and overlooking the Yellowstone River with the Hysham Hills in the background. Big thanks to Grandma, who is usually on hand to come rescue a little rider if the day gets to be too long, as happened this day. Muggins was thinking he’d about had it with cowboying, and the sun was sinking lower in the sky, and so Grandma met us on the road and whisked him away to her house for hot chocolate and cartoons and all the good things in life. (What did we do before cell phones?!) Marsi, though, she stuck it out this day… we rode up to the barn a few hours later, long after dark, and she had definitely earned her badge. So again, time is going fast. And it won’t be long now ’til we have three “big” kids… and soon after, four.

– Tam Blake

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