PV 9/28/21

On Saturday I took the kids on a quick field trip. First stop: the state 4-H horse show, just to see what it was all about with my current and future 4-Hers. And on our way home, because it was obvious as we drove by on the interstate that it was hip-hopping in all its monthly glory: the BLS horse sale. The kids had never been to the sale, and I hadn’t been for a long time, and I figured there’d never be a better time. So we pushed our way through the crowd and watched a handful of horses sell, all of us taking in the chatter of the auctioneer, the movement of the horses, the smell of french fires… and then we continued on our way home. From the sale I texted this photo to Beau (I hadn’t planned to stop at the sale and so he didn’t know we were there until I sent the photo). Driving out of Billings I called him and he answered on the first ring and said, with legitimate concern in his voice, “Did you buy a pony?” Ha! Asher has been wanting to add a second pony to his string, see, and I am much more in favor of it than Beau is. But no, alas, no ponies came through while we sat ringside — though we did hear a rumor that one sold for $12,500 shortly before we got there. No wonder Beau was worried!

– Tam Blake

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