PV 9/27/21

We started weaning last week — much earlier than most years and because of the drought; pulling calves off in an effort to save both grass and mama cows. I got this picture on Friday as I rode with the crew at Butte Camp. We were just about to corral 300 pair, the dust was billowing, and I didn’t realize I’d captured the dog in midair, jumping off the stock rack dock, until I got home and looked at my camera roll! It was a special day that day; I got to go, along with the two big kids, only because my mom generously kept the two little kids for a sleepover the night before. The two little kids aren’t yet ready for big rides… but the two big kids amaze us regularly with how quickly they’re growing and figuring things out. What a gift to get to pass this legacy on to them.

– Tam Blake

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