PV 8/26/21

It’s been great to hear from some old friends since I picked up blogging again a couple weeks back. Deb, Mim, Bob & Joy, Maxine, Jim B., Jennifer, Patty, Lisa, Mrs. J., etc.: Hi! to all of you. It means a lot to me that you care that I’m writing : ). I may not always find the time to reply to individual comments, but know that I hope you’re well.

Now. Mrs. J. commented that she sure would like to see how big the kids have gotten in the last year of quiet from our camp. I think there’s no better way to show them off than to share my favorite pictures taken during our family photo session this past summer with MT Chic Photography. Shayna of MT Chic did such a fantastic job working with all the big personalities around here, and as a result she and her camera just captured us.

Getting Shayna’s camera and our crew to the same place at the same time was months in the making. My big goal was/is actually sending out Christmas cards this year. Now that the photos are finished and in my hand… let’s see, it’s August… so that leaves less than four months for me to order cards, gather addresses, stamp them and get them to the mailbox. It’s gonna be close at the rate I go! Fingers crossed!

To see the gallery of our favorites taken by MT Chic, click on this link: https://galleries.page.link/sHxDe. And enjoy!

– Tam Blake

6 thoughts on “PV 8/26/21

  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Your kiddos are adorable and I love their hats…they’re almost as big as the kids! Mom and Dad look pretty adorable too…not quite the newly weds I remember but still with that same sparkle in their eyes. Thanks for sharing these!!


  2. I don’t expect you to have time to reply to my comments. Just want you to know that I enjoy reading and seeing your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to do it. You have a beautiful family. These are great pictures.


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