PV 8/11/21

We are so dry this summer — as is everyone within a hundred-mile radius. Our biggest problem is water for cattle to drink. A lot of this ranch is watered by man-made reservoirs. Because we haven’t had any run-off for well over a year, the reservoirs are dry right now. One piece in the puzzle that is called Keeping Cows Alive Through A Drought The Likes of Which We Haven’t Seen For Thirty Years: hauling river water, using the ranch’s newly-acquired tanker truck, out to pastures to fill the ranch’s new collection of plastic water tanks.

***** 8/11/21 Note: I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging. It’s been almost a year since I last posted here, and life has moved fast for our family since then. There has been little to no spare time during which I might be writing. However: in the tiny crannies of quiet that exist between the chaos that is ranch life with four kids, I’ve made myself reconsider my approach to storytelling in the last twelve months. What I’ve concluded is this: Writing may not be my best vehicle right now. First of all, when I’m writing I tend to get wordy and over-tell — which can get, and has gotten, me into trouble! And second, I really don’t have the time to write well on the average day these days… the average day during which I feed bum calves and cowboys, run to the vet clinic and run down the escaped 4-H pig, and teach kids to ride and to read.

Two things remain unchanged. One, I still take a lot of pictures. And two, I still believe our brand of agriculture is a story worth telling. So the realistic (I hope!) solution I’ve come up with is me sharing ONE photo at a time here, a photo that tells best about our life for today, with a SHORT caption, on the days I get a chance to sit at my computer for a minute. This plan will stymie my weird desire to “be thorough” and tell the whole story all at once — which, as I have proven, doesn’t work anyway. Instead, if this approach comes together the way I envision it, the story will be told slowly, over time, by a photo collection.

Folks say that ranching is a next year business, and I like to say ranch rodeo is a next year business too. It’s all about hope, right? Hoping next year will be better than this year. Even believing it, because why else would you keep going? Hope is central to agriculture. It’s about starting over, over and over again, and being thankful you even have the chance to make a fresh start. Maybe the longer you keep on restarting with hope, the more you realize the whole point is keeping going… not actually arriving.

So here’s to another try at storytelling… which as it turns out is a next year business.

— Tam Blake

8 thoughts on “PV 8/11/21

  1. I so miss your blog and pictures. This has been a very trying summer to say the least. Prayers are with the farmers and ranchers during this drought. I know your a very busy lady but I enjoy seeing anything you have time to post.

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  2. Oh Tam we are so happy you are starting your blog again. We missed it dearly this past year but know how trying it has been for you folks and all of our friends and family that ranch in the area. Now that we sold the house we’ve lost a bit of our connection back home, but your blog always did keep us in touch with our roots in Treasure County and little home town of Hysham! Your words are always so informative and inspiring. Take care and you guys are always in our prayers. Hope to see you this Fall. ❤️😊Bob&Joy

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  3. Best thing I’ve seen in my Inbox for a very long time!!!!! I’ve never felt like you “talked too much” your life resembles mine as well as many other of your readers and you know how the saying goes: Misery loves company! Your blogs have made me feel better about my own life many times when I get to thinking it is just too much. Please keep blogging whenever those little critters of yours (the 2 legged as well as the 4 legged) give you some time. Be Well, Lisa

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  4. Gosh i’ve i’ve missed your blogs and totally understand your hiatus. Nice to know everyone is doing well. i’m looking forward to your scaled down posts.

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