We’re still alive over here!

So much has happened since the last time I posted, I don’t even know where to start!  My regular blogging petered out about a month ago, when life here started getting super-crazy.  (It’s normally just crazy.)

A quick update:  We’ve been branding (only nine days left!), we survived producing our annual ranch rodeo yet again (that was last weekend), COVID-19 cases have crept ever closer to our little corner of the world (the first two in our county this week!), and many wonderful people have shared the last few weeks with us.

Thinking back over what we’ve been up to, I know the photos and stories we’ve experienced in the last month are plentiful.  What is NOT plentiful these days is sleep — we rise early this time of year for work, and it’s light until about 9:30 p.m. in June here, so it seems like we just keep on going and going.  I guess that’s the best excuse I’ve got for why I haven’t been posting every day, as I once upon a time resolved I would do this year (yes, I have failed publicly at my New Year’s resolution):  The days are blurring together for me!  I last posted 11 days ago, and then I blinked and it was… today.

Even now my pillow is calling to me, so I will focus tonight on the highlight of the last couple days:  We’ve been branding.  With a wonderful mish-mashed crew that is long on ponies and humans under 16 years of age:

IMG_7480 (2)
Riders, ropers, wrestlers, vaccinators, mascots… and Niece Tay (center) even made me teach her how to castrate today.


IMG_7500 (1)
19 horses (3 of them ponies!), 20 riders (Muggins is in the saddle with Nephew Nate), and 10 of the riders under age 19.
This is the kind of stuff that happens when you have a young branding crew:  They disappear after lunch and you find them neck-deep in Froze-to-Death Creek.


Yep, branding here is looking a lot different than it did in my growing up years, as I explained in New game plan: Coordinated Chaos. But with more than a couple adults on our crew on the injured list right now, and after three difficult branding seasons under our belts (2017, 2018, 2019)… I think Beau and I may have finally found our rhythm this year.  It’s new, it’s funky, it’s decidedly not traditional PV style, and 1999 Me definitely would NOT approve.  But things change, and people change.  Anyhow, who would have expected Me & Beau to finally figure out anything BUT a funky rhythm?

Oh, and I turned 38 this week.  It was not an easy day for me.  After a tearful call to my therapist (funny, but also true), I think I have discerned that what’s been missing from my life is FUN.  For many years now, and maybe for my entire life, I’ve been working more than I’ve been having fun.  There’s just always a ton of work to do here.  But I want more fun.  So I might have to cut some stuff out of my life… probably including blogging daily… to make more room for FUN.  And I might also have to cut 1999 Me’s vision of the ideal branding… to make room for more stuff like this:

Our daughter Emi, 7, rides a calf up from the branding fire.  That’s Holden helping her balance and our Niece Tay holding the tail.  Picture by Tamara Langley, mom to a young Texan who’s been helping us brand.

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “We’re still alive over here!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I have sure missed your blog. I know summer life for you and your family is a very busy time. Take care and stay safe.


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