The week ahead

We’ll be branding Monday through Thursday (I’ll make lunch for the crew two or three of those days, depending on what the weather does)…

… gathering ranch rodeo cattle on Friday (I’ll have to make a run to Billings, too, for last minute supplies)…

… and on Saturday, the 14th annual Custer Ranch Rodeo (still have lots of paperwork to prep, which I’ll likely end up doing while everyone else sleeps).

In the cracks, as ever, we’ll be raising four kids.  Sometimes, for fleeting moments, I wonder if the people who pack their kids up and send them off to summer camp don’t have it all figured out.  Kids bring infinitely more work into our lives with their laundry and their appetites and their own little projects that need our time and attention…

… but then I remember the most important part:  kids bring infinitely more love.


We’re gonna survive.  And probably thrive.

© Tami Blake

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