Heifers out on Sunday

Our neighbor felt bad for calling me on a Sunday with bad news:  a handful of yearling PV heifers had escaped from their pasture and were walking down the county road.

Whether it’s a Sunday or 8 p.m. on a Tuesday, we know stuff like this is just part of the job.  Beau and I changed into work clothes, mobilized our troops, and loaded the work pickup with fencing supplies.  He drove the 4-wheeler and I the pickup and we sped up the gravel road toward the escapees.  First we fixed the fence corner the heifers had knocked over in the process of escaping — evidently the pull of the neighbors’ pairs in the pasture down the road was just too much for them to resist.  Next, we had to get the heifers back into their pasture… and lo and behold they were gentle enough that we did just that without having to go back home for our horses!  We just scooched them back up the road and through the gate from behind the wheel and the handlebars, and skipping that step of grabbing horses sure saved us time.

Though it was a work emergency on a Sunday, our family found three things to be thankful for:

1.We were all together.

2.We finally fixed up a fence corner that, so far as I remember, had been a cobbled-up mess for my entire life.

3.I got a cool picture of my five favorite people.


© Tami Blake

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