Down two

We’re forging ahead with branding here at the PV… even though, sadly, we’re down two of our faithful coworkers and it feels kinda weird proceeding without them.

Ben is in the hospital with complications following a hernia surgery.


And Nate is in the hospital with broken ribs and a hurt shoulder and a punctured lung following a horse wreck on Wednesday.  He was actually riding the same horse shown below, Foot, a faithful old company horse that holds a special place in Beau’s heart, for Beau rode him years ago when we lived at Horse Camp.  (Foot stepped in a hole on Wednesday and somersaulted over Nate; Nate definitely lost the wrestling match, as Foot doesn’t seem to be injured at all.)


Beau was able to visit Ben today at a hospital east of here — and by phone we stay in touch with Nate, who’s laid up in a hospital west of here.  Not exactly the way a manager would plan for the month of June to go… but after all, as we’re discovering, Beau’s main job is to manage whatever new and crazy stuff pops up next on this ol’ ranch.  So we will get by here, because that’s what we do.  But still, we’ll be mighty thankful when these two friends of ours are both home safe and sound.

© Tami Blake

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