Tay and Nate are here!

They’ve wrapped up their online schooling (and reportedly they both passed to the next grades), they’re not tied down with baseball and softball this summer, and so our niece and nephew Tay and Nate are officially here for branding season!

Actually, Nate (16) says he might be here for the whole summer.  That’s all right with us — we can always use the help!

And actually, Tay (14) will have to go back home for a few activities in the coming days:  Volleyball camp, driver’s education classes, and better yet, her eighth grade graduation ceremony.

But the bottom line is that they’re both planning to be here working as much as possible this branding season and summer.  This is great news for two reasons:  1) We love having them, and 2) They’re both old enough now that they can be a lot of real help.

They’ve already done a lot of branding this spring, helping neighbors near their hometown 70 miles east of here.  They and their mom stole three white horses out of our horse pasture a few weeks ago and the three of them hit the local branding circuit:


Taylor said they were just like the royal family on their white horses!

Hopefully their mama (my sister Sue) can squeeze a few PV branding days out of her busy work schedule.

Nate has already been driving for a couple years, so he and Tay made the drive to the ranch today without their parents.  They spent the afternoon entertaining my kiddos, and this evening we all made a trip to nearby Custer to procure a couple extra horses — Beau and I are finding that the bigger and older our family grows, it’s taking more and more horsepower to keep everyone mounted.

Hopefully Nate and Tay are sleeping right now (they sleep at my folks’ house a few miles up the road, which works really well for everyone) because they’re supposed to be here and saddled by 6 a.m. to help trail heifers to fresh pasture.  I bet Grandpa will make sure they’re up and at ’em!

© Tami Blake

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