The work never ends here

Took this photo about an hour ago, as Beau and I got back to the trailer after retrieving PV heifers from a neighbor’s pasture:


We are starting to think we have more to do than we can realistically do.

A quick run-down on our day…

First thing this morning, Beau headed to the DC (the ranch’s new property) to meet with the custom farmers who are prepping the fields there to be planted with millet.

At home I led these kids of ours through the Chores Plus process.  I figure Chores with the 4-H animals amounts to feed and water, while Chores Plus includes brushing and walking the two bum calves and the market hog.  (Kids need a lot of leadership to accomplish things like this — please warn anyone you know who is considering becoming a parent!)

The market hog, Sniffs, seemed to have a belly ache this morning.  We are inexperienced pig people around here, so I engaged in lots of texting and chatting with pig-savvy friends in order to figure out what to do with a sick pig… and that’s how I discovered we’d probably been feeding him way too much.  Meantime, since the pig wasn’t feeling 100 percent, I figured today was a safe day for Asher to let him loose and take him for his first walk outside the barn.  That had always seemed risky to me because there’s no great way to control a pig once he takes off… but, despite my fears, the two of them did great on their first adventure in the big ol’ unfenced world.  There were no big runaways or anything.

Back from the DC, Beau headed to 5 Sections, where the crew has been building a new branding trap.  He was there the rest of the day.

I, meantime, loaded up the kids for a trip to Billings.  Since Mom had kept them all yesterday afternoon, I figured she deserved a break today — which is why I ran errands in Billings with four kids in tow.  We arrived in the city about 1 p.m. and our first stop, of course, was lunch.  Many businesses in Billings are still taking COVID-19 precautions pretty seriously, so that meant the kids mostly had to sit in the pickup today while I finished up my list as quickly as possible.  I went into Panda Express carrying Muggins on my hip (best way to keep track of him) while the three disappointed big kids all watched through the window… and then we ate our Chinese food in the vehicle.

Weird times we’re living in, no?

So that brings us to lunch today.

To be continued tomorrow!

© Tami Blake

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