Life Updates

1. The tooth that had been driving Emi nuts finally came out today.  Trouble is, it caught her off guard when it finally let loose.  And so we don’t exactly know where the tooth went when it left her mouth.  It was in there at about 11 a.m., and then — poof! — it was mysteriously missing by noon.  Emi is totally stumped.  (We assured her the Tooth Fairy can still deliver money tonight, even without the actual tooth as proof.)


2. Yesterday my cousin Morgan and her husband Ty, who are getting their start ranching east of here, in Terry, stopped by with a bum calf.  Morgan knew we’d kinda been looking for a calf for Miss Emi to take care of — since Emi is often coerced into tagging along when Asher does chores anyway.  Emi named the new little baby Kaya, after the American Girl doll Kaya.  Pictures coming soon!

3. The ranch is busy.  I think Beau’s feeling the pressure of about 25 things that need to be done NOW.  I must’ve been the 30th person to ask him today when we’re going to start branding, because I was definitely one too many!  Ha!  With one coworker down with broken ribs and another under doctor’s orders to lift no more than five pounds (you should hear the story about the day Beau drove Ben home after his hernia surgery!), we’re not running at maximum efficiency right now… but that just might be the way it goes for everyone this year.

4. My folks very kindly kept the kiddos after lunch today so I could focus on office work.  Project one:  paperwork for the ranch rodeo coming up June 20.  Project two:  putting together menus and shopping lists for branding season.  I made some good headway.  And now… sleep!

© Tami Blake

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