Our Memorial Day

Yesterday, on Memorial Day, we met with extended family at the Custer cemetery.  We Blakes were there of course, along with my folks, my sister and her kids, my cousin Jenna and her family, and Uncle Cody and Aunt Susan.  After a long spring of social distancing, it sure was good to see everybody!


It was especially fun for our kids to hang with their big cousins Tay and Nate again.  Tay did a great job braiding Emi’s hair!




Many of our family are buried at Custer, from both my maternal grandmother’s family and my maternal grandfather’s.


My grandma’s sister.  Their maiden name was Quest, and now our little Emi’s middle name is Quest.





Close-up to the picture above of the handmade grave stone.  W. Scot. Townsend, a Civil War veteran and my great-great-great grandfather.




My great-great grandparents.




Son to the great-greats above, my great-grandfather.




Grandpa.  Love how cousin Chad dug up a sugar beet fresh from the field, re-planted it in the John Deere bucket, and used it to decorate Grandpa’s grave.  Grandpa was nothing if not a beet farmer.



At the cemetery yesterday, there was a short ceremony conducted by veterans:






Whatever you were up to this Memorial Day, hope you took a minute to remember the soldiers who have fought for our freedom.

© Tami Blake

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