Family 4-H Projects

Technically Asher, at 9, is the only Blake kid old enough to show animals at our local 4-H fair.  But as far as his little siblings are concerned, preparing Asher’s calf and his market hog for the big show is a total family effort.  In fact, the lines are little blurred around here as to ownership of these project animals.  “What’s yours is mine” seems to be the rule as far as Emi (7), Marsi (5), and Muggins (2) are concerned.

Of course, the three little sibs get dragged along to do chores with Asher up to three times a day, so it’s no wonder they’re starting to feel qualified to administer opinions and issue unsolicited advice.

IMG_6559 2

I’m pretty sure we’ll have not one but FOUR sad kiddos when the time comes for Sniffs the Pig to be sold.

The good news is, Rojo the bucket calf will NOT be sold.  She’ll show at the fair (provided the fair actually happens) as a calf this year, and then Asher will keep her and grow her into a yearling heifer for next year’s fair.

I mean WE’LL keep her!

IMG_6551 2

IMG_6553 2

© Tami Blake

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