First Campout of the Year

My crew is good and worn out after the First Campout of the Year, which they embarked on night before last.

Two-year-old Muggins and I joined all of them for setting up camp and for the cookout, but came home to do chores and sleep in real beds.

Beau and the three older kids, though, roughed it all night long in the wall tent down by the river — along with the Ogren kids and their dad, Stacey.

Here are a few fun photos the Ogren mom (Tiff) took at the campsite.  It was such a beautiful evening amongst the cottonwoods — the smoke from the campfire actually rose straight up, which is an anomaly in windy Eastern Montana.





I’m thankful for a daddy who’s willing to take our kids camping when he gets a few spare hours in his busy schedule — even if it was a Monday night sandwiched between shipping and branding.  And even though nobody got much sleep.  [Nine-year-old Asher had insisted on packing his bedroll with just one blanket, or “soogan,” like the old cowboys did you know (*wink*), and so he froze out and was poking at the fire again before 5 a.m.]

I’m thankful for our adventuresome, crazy, never-say-quit kids.

And thankful for old friends (the Ogrens were both in our wedding!) to share adventures with.


A quick technical note:  I’ve heard from a couple email subscribers (the folks who’ve signed up to receive an email each time I post a new blog) that recent emails from my account have been mostly blank — showing no pictures or text.  I’m pretty sure it’s a technical problem on my end and will try to figure it out.  Unfortunately figuring it out will involve me “chatting” online with WordPress tech support, then working within my own limitations to fix the issue, so we all know not to expect speedy or conclusive results, right?!

In the meantime, know that you can always go directly to my blog site to see new posts:

Thanks for caring!  And have a great day!

© Tami Blake

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