Shipping Day 3


I was horseback again early this morning, pushing yearlings up the alleys toward the shipping pens.  It was a pretty good job to have the last few days, and I was thankful to get to do it.  The sunrise glittering off the backs of the calves and then between Taxi’s ears was a pretty thing to see.

We weighed and loaded out 7 semi-loads of calves today, making 22 loads total in the last three days.  We are done shipping for now.

Tonight, in the short post-shipping lull that occurs before branding season and other jobs fill the schedule, the kiddos and Beau are on their First Campout of the Year, an annual springtime adventure our family shares with our friends the Ogrens.  Traditionally only the dads and the kids camp out, which is just fine with me (he-he!).  However, moms are allowed to roast a hot dog at the campfire before the sun goes down, and I did just that before saying goodnight to everyone.  Two-year-old Muggins is not quite ready to camp without Mama, so he and I are home alone tonight.

And, because there aren’t any calves to ship in the morning, I’m planning to sleep in in the morning.  Think he’ll let me?

© Tami Blake

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