Shipping Day 2


Again this morning we shipped yearling calves — five semi-loads of them bound for grass in Wyoming.

A sixth semi truck that was parked in the line-up, back from yesterday’s run to Wyoming and waiting to be loaded again, up and quit right where it sat today.  Beau called the best mechanic around in hopes of getting the truck fixed and going again, but it was not meant to be (today anyway).  So the crew pulled the broken truck out of the way with the tractor, and the rest of the trucks went ahead and left for Wyoming, and we put the 90 head of calves that would’ve loaded on that truck back in their pen for another night.

Tomorrow morning we start at 6 a.m. and will load seven more trucks.  That’ll be the last of the yearlings to ship out (for this go-round, anyway).  My mom has been so faithful about coming down in the early mornings so she can be in the house when the kids wake up — and that’s what’s freeing me up to be outside working.  She helps them get going for the day and then brings them down to the shipping pens to say hi.  And she usually makes lunch for us too!  I wouldn’t be able to be out there if it weren’t for her help.

Now… sleep.  Daylight will be here soon!

© Tami Blake

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