The rhubarb’s ready!

Today I made time to harvest the rhubarb plant that’s been growing in the southeast corner of the yard for as long as I can remember.  Each growing season this one plant will produce three or four hearty crops.


The same as Mom often did when I was a girl, I diced the rhubarb, bagged it, and froze it for future use in crisps and pies.  Today I bagged a little over nine cups of rhubarb.


I like rhubarb; I don’t necessarily love it.  I could definitely think of plenty desserts to make without any rhubarb in my life.

But rhubarb is something the ground here readily and consistently gives each spring, and so I feel like it’s an offering that needs to be accepted with appreciation.

I’ll share a recipe when baking day comes!

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “The rhubarb’s ready!

  1. Oh, I am so jealous! Love rhubarb in pie — especially with cherries — well, cherry pie filling; and then rhubarb bread and the list goes on. I have to rely on friends who have it in their yard — none here. Hmm…wonder if I could find somewhere to plant some! Does it need full sun — if so, that won’t work. Oh well…enjoy!


    1. Deb, how cool would it be if I could send you some out of my bounty!? I do think it likes full sun. Maybe you could try the farmers’ market? I’ve never tried rhubarb bread but might have to look up a recipe : )


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