Mother’s Day Take 1

Mother’s Day came and went yesterday in the blink of an eye.  My kids made me homemade cards before breakfast, and we all went to church, and then we headed up to Ingomar to spend the day with our friends the Pottses.  We all ate beans and sheepherders hors d’oeuvres and chicken fried steak and the men drank enough Pendleton to float a boat.  We grown-ups sat and visited for hours while the kids ran wild between the abandoned school playground, the empty rodeo arena, and the shirley temple bar.

It was fun and relaxing.  Good to see old friends.

But then there’s my to-do list.

See, I have always struggled with finding the balance between relaxing (which I know is good) and accomplishing things (which makes me feel better).  And Mother’s Day is my !one day! of the year to be in charge!  The one day I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for forcing everyone to do what I want.  So I had prepared a long list of what we were going to accomplish together on my big day to call the shots:

Build a pergola!  Work the garden!  Clean the grease traps under the sinks!  Build gates for the pig pen!  Install the new microwave!

(Granted, it may have been an unrealistic to-do list.)

(Maybe that’s why we didn’t cross a single thing off it.  We didn’t even clean the house.)


Yes, it was good to relax yesterday, and in my heart I know I wouldn’t trade those lawn chair hours in.  I hereby resolve to shake the feeling that we lost a lot of real time while we were taking it easy in Ingomar.

In the name of being a good sport, I declare that yesterday was a good Mother’s Day Take 1.  But there must be a Mother’s Day Take 2 — maybe this next Sunday?  That’ll be the day when we focus on that bottomless honey-do list of mine.

I do hope all you ladies out there enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Perhaps you want to join me in declaring a two-day event?!  I think we’re worth it.


© Tami Blake

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