A visit to Grandma

Yesterday, in preparation for Mother’s Day, the kids and I and my mom headed to Billings to visit my 93-year-old Grandma.  Less than a year ago the family moved Grandma from her lifelong home and into a nursing home.  And for two months now Grandma, because of COVID 19, has been locked up tight in the home.  I think it’s difficult for her to remember WHY the pandemic is such a big deal, and so she wonders WHY nobody cares about her anymore.


On the way to the nursing home, we stopped and picked up flowers and balloons and cards and treats for Grandma.  The nurses met us at the door to the home and took the treats inside, then directed us around back to Grandma’s window.  We all took part in a short and kinda sad visit (through the window) with Grandma.  I know she was less than satisfied.  But at least we tried, and hopefully that makes a difference for her somehow.  As for those of us on the outside… we know beyond doubt that the home is the safest place for Grandma to be right now.  But gosh, there’s no easy way to get old, is there?

© Tami Blake

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