The yard work begins again


Well, that’s one way to pull a weed!

It’s always good to see spring finally get here in Eastern Montana.  What we forget during those long, cold winter months, though, is that spring brings with it a whole new list of household chores.  All of a sudden there’s green stuff growing everywhere in the yard, green stuff which has to be handled and made to look presentable in case the UPS Man stops in, and the green stuff just keeps growing back in and making a weekly job of itself.

I actually really enjoy yard work and very much like for the yard to look nice.  More often than not my yard looks way better than the inside of my house!  Still, I’m amazed once again each year come May by the amount of time the yard takes… and also that we (somehow, usually, eventually) find the time to get it done.  For the first 15 years of our marriage I did all the yard work and mowing, but last year Beau took pity on me and started helping with the mowing — I guess it was that obvious that I wasn’t keeping up with life!

This year it looks like our entire family is going to pitch in and help with the yard.  Today Asher did very well mowing and Emi did an excellent job of running the wheelbarrow with grass clippings.  I like this little team of ours!  It’s gratifying to see the beginnings of physical evidence that having four kids will pay off in the long run for us.  I think of all that work we’ve invested into them as they’ve been little and helpless… the good news is, eventually the tides will turn and they’ll be just as OR more capable than we are, and great helpers to us.  Maybe we knew what we were doing after all when we signed on for four kids!

© Tami Blake

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