A date!

First, the picture of the day:

the athenian

Yum!  This is big news for a couple reasons:

  1. Restaurants in Billings are open (with limited seating) again!  Most people are still wearing masks, but normal-ness seems to be resuming.
  2. Beau and I ate lunch — like, just the two of us and at a real restaurant (!) — in the big city.  The Athenian is one of our favorite places to lunch when we make the trip.

Today was special because Beau and I did something that is monumental and new for our family:  We hired a babysitter to stay with the kids so we could enjoy a date.  Of course our kids have stayed often with my parents, sometimes with other family members or families we know well… but for the most part, our kiddos are with us.  It’s how our family works.  Also, when we DO ask others to keep them, it’s usually because we really need to get something done and really can’t do whatever it is WITH the kids.

So today was truly a first.  We asked Kaigen (who has lived here on the ranch with her parents since she was a little girl) to spend the day at our house with our kiddos.  And she said yes!  So we hightailed it out of here!  We did it just in order to treat ourselves.  Today was (mostly) just for fun!

That said, ranch managers have to get good at mixing their work and their play.  In between all the romantic (just kidding) date-like stuff, Beau and I did stop at Lowe’s to pick up a new stove for the Horse Camp house.  And at Big R for t-posts, barbed wire, and fence clips.  And at Western Ranch Supply for a water tank and horseshoes.  Those extra stops were no big deal, though; errands like that take on a whole new description when you’re doing them without eight little hands helping.

We were alone together in the pickup both coming and going (for 140 miles!).  We did not sing “God Bless the USA” or the alphabet song repeatedly while we were driving, either.  We ate out twice today:  the Athenian for lunch and Olive-Garden-to-go for supper.  We stopped at Cabela’s — Beau’s all-time favorite store — and I bought a couple shirts, which I think evened up the score.

That’s what I’d call a pretty good day.  I mean date.

© Tami Blake

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