Springtime haircuts

Beau took this picture of the day:  that’s me cutting Asher’s hair.


After Asher, Muggins was in the seat.  After Muggins, it was Beau’s turn!  (The girls skipped out on trims this time.)

It was breezy this evening as I worked at my salon, as you can tell from my own hair blowing around in the photo.  Beforehand I assumed it would be less of a mess to do homemade haircuts outdoors… but after raking up all the cut hair and then blowing hairs out of my nose for the rest of the day (I thought I was standing upwind from the stuff but the wind kept swirling it around and blowing it up toward my face), I guess my final answer would be that cutting hair inside is probably the safest bet.  So now we know!

© Tami Blake

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