Book club, social distancing style

Last night I attended a book club meeting!  Here’s how you do it social distancing style:

You sit outside around a campfire.  Six feet apart and all that.

You bring your own chair.

You bring your own drink.

You talk as much about The State of Things as you do about the book you all just read.

The book this time was:


I’m ashamed to admit I had never read it.  Ashamed also to admit I didn’t really read it this time — instead, I bought the audio book (read by Ivan Doig) and then struggled to stay awake listening through parts of it.  I think I better stick with real books from now on!

Though it’s set in the western part of the state in the early 20th Century, A River Runs Through It is full of the Old Montana imagery that is still familiar over here in Eastern Montana.  Its pages tell of fly fishing lessons that parallel life lessons, and some ring with wry humor, and others build representations of the traits that (for better or worse) are common to us native Montanans.  It’s always fun to read something that reestablishes who you are and why you are the way you are.

A fun note about the campfire book club meeting:  I was sitting downwind of the fire in the smoke for most of the evening.  I was scared to move one way or the other for fear of offending a social distancer.  Unfortunately, sitting there in the smoke, I began to exhibit suspicious cold-like symptoms, and I think I was making our COVID-19-conscious hostess a little nervous.  Finally I decided to go for it and scooch my chair around, and she decided to go for it and risk handing me (sans gloves and mask) a brand-new box of tissues from her stash (which I brought home with me to avoid passing germs back to her).  So today I am happy to report that, in the light of day, I’m pretty sure I don’t have Coronavirus.

Also that it was good to get out and see old friends, no matter where they may stand on the seriousness of COVID-19 precautions.

© Tami Blake

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