Trailing heifers out

Today was our first day this year of trailing replacement heifers out of the feedlot to grass in the hills.  As always happens when you’re working with yearlings, we had a few misadventures along the three-mile trail today, but in the end we managed to get 600 of them to where they need to be.  We trailed them up in two smaller bunches of 300 each to make the job more manageable.  Below, some fun pics I got!




Pushing heifers down the feedlot alley toward freedom.



Finally out on the open road and headed up Grierson Hill.




The first bunch of heifers settled on water in their new pasture.  Nate the Great and his dogs stop for a rest.



Brian stops to think for a minute as he sorts pairs away from yearlings.



At one point today Doogan must’ve stepped on a cactus just wrong as we were trotting along, because the cactus ended up in about five different chunks that were stuck into him from his nose to between his back legs.  Things got a little hairy before I managed to get off of him and figure out what was causing him to act so weird.

© Tami Blake

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