Picture of the Day!


That’s me and Muggins, out and about just looking at grass and water.  (The rest of the family is not shown but nearby!)


What’s Happening On The Ranch:  Beau and crew have been sorting through the yearling heifers that are in the feedlot (as I wrote last week, the directive came from up above us on the ladder to keep almost three quarters of the heifers as replacements this year — that means they’ll be turned out to pasture and bred here on the PV instead of sold — usually we keep less than half the heifers as replacements but the crazy markets are changing things up).

With temps up to 80° recently, a full feedlot PLUS all the bulls home from winter pasture… we’re a little low on water.  The majority of the stock tanks and house systems here at headquarters normally run on a spring that’s just up the coulee from our yard.  But on hot days when all the pens are full, those black cattle get mighty thirsty, and so the guys supplement the feedlot water system from three different wells that have been drilled nearby.  None of them are great wells, unfortunately — Eastern Montana is not exactly known for good and abundant water — and today one of them happens to be on the fritz.  That would be why I took my kiddos to Grandma’s house for baths this afternoon!

Game plan for tomorrow:  Beau and crew will pull the well and troubleshoot first thing in the morning.  In the afternoon, we’ll start trailing replacement heifers out to pasture, i.e. other water sources.


In The Meantime, A Movie Recommendation:  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a romance set during World War II.  First movie we grown-up Blakes have finished in a while it seems like… and it was a satisfying one.

© Tami Blake

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