Been windy.

Today’s Weather:  High of 66.  Low of 47.  Super windy until evening.


What’s Inspiring Me Today:  Want to know the two main things I do on the internet?

1) I look up a lot of recipes, many of which I print out… and then promptly misplace… and so eventually have to look up again.

2) There are a few blogs that I check up on regularly — big, beautiful, successful, at-least-one-person-is-making-a-living-off-this-blog blogs.  I am obviously interested in the venue of blogging, because I do it, and though I have no aspirations of making a living off my blog someday, I am interested in what makes some people so successful at it.  Let me assure you, what I’m doing here on is pretty small beans compared to the online work that so many people are doing these days.  And that’s okay with me.  I blog because I like to write, and because I have a need to define (for myself and others) this corporate ranch experience that is ours… but not because I’m trying to make my blog into a business.

Anyhow, combine the two interests above and know that I recently stumbled on to an inspiring blog by a Minnesota gal called Pinch of Yum.  Her food photography is fantastic and… best of all… she has a really great writing style.  Her words are fun to read.  My old standby (the original blogger?!), Pioneer Woman, I love her for many reasons… but her writing ability is not one of the reasons.  Just saying.  Pioneer Woman does fine, obviously, but her writing doesn’t inspire me as much as her work does.  But this gal at Pinch of Yum — wow!  Reading her writing just makes you want to be her friend.  For example, check out this article, titled 12 Ways to Overcome Online Jealousy, to see for yourself.  Her style is inspiring, and the content is helpful in this day and age when we’re all having to connect virtually more than in real life.

Oh, and while you’re at her website, you will likely also be inspired by her solution to surviving COVID-19 from the comfort of home:  warm-out-of-the-oven deep-dish chocolate-chip cookies served with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.


Picture of the Day:  My sister sent this photo of 16-year-old Nephew Nate at work today — since school is out and baseball season is on hold, he’s been working at a nearby feedlot three or four days a week.  Apparently it was windy there today, too!


Proud of this kid for finding good ways to keep himself busy in this strange new world of ours.

© Tami Blake

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