The photos that never got any love

I have been surprised during this year of Resolution:  Blog Every Day that, even though I’m posting here daily, there are still photos I never get around to sharing and stories I never get around to writing.  I suppose the root problem is that I have more ideas than I do time and common sense.  But as a result, to the right of my keyboard is a long, hand-scrawled list of subjects I’m planning to write about… any day now.  And in the photo program on my computer (even though I was doing pretty good at the beginning of this year with editing new photos as they came in and trashing unwanted photos) are LOTS of images that hurriedly were uploaded, then looked over and pushed to the side in my nightly rush to get a blog posted so I can get to bed.

So tonight I thought it would be fun to skip uploading new photos and instead look back through my picture albums from the last few weeks.  And I’m sharing a few (okay, 13 or 14) favorites below… photos that deserve a little blog love but (almost!) never got their chance to shine.


A walk to the mailbox.  Muggins in his hand-me-down wolf hat.



Muggins, if given half a chance, always sneaks into my parents’ bedroom when we’re at their house and makes a mess with my mom’s makeup and lotion.  This photo was taken before I cut his curls off… and looking at them here I kinda miss ’em… but then I remember what it was like trying to comb them!



This heifer, with two broken ears, lives in Pen E2.  She is healthy despite the ears, but it’s always a surprise to see her out there.



Marsi on her (our) birthday ride ♡♡



Egg Eater (the cat) sunning himself after the most recent snow.



The kids’ first offerings from the yard this spring.



COVID-19 craziness:  I never thought I’d see the day that a bottle of hand sanitizer would end up on the seat of Car 40, right there between the headstall, the coffee cup, and the tank float.



‘Tis the season for burning around here… the farmers burn the banks of the irrigation ditches to ensure clear passage for summertime irrigation water.



Our daily agenda now includes three trips to the shed to take care of 4-H animals:  Sniffs (the pig) and Rojo (the calf).



On this day we let the two of them out of their pens to get better acquainted — they’d previously only met across the fence.



And they got along just fine.  **Sniffs is a very personable pig.  At the slightest suggestion that someone might be up for scratching his belly, he drops to the ground in anticipation, just like a dog would.



Muggins is outgrowing what he calls his “babies” — the footy jammies.



And finally, this is the day I made the kids hand wash all the crusty clothes they’d worn the day before into the muddy creek (read:  So… this happened.).  They were dirty right down to their underwear that day.  After everything had dried on the fence overnight, I made them scrub the dirt off of jeans, shirts, boots and all in cold water straight outta the garden hose.  I’m sure they all learned a lifelong lesson about paying penalties for making messes.


© Tami Blake

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