Lunch at the Lil

Today’s Weather:  High of 70.  Low of 49.  Pretty as spring gets.


Today at the Ranch:  Beau was at Butte Camp all day checking heifers.  Vergal, who’s been calving the heifers at Butte Camp for more than 20 years now, is laid up for a few days following a buck-off last week.  No broken bones, thank goodness, but Vergal does need help getting the work done.

With Beau gone all day, the kiddos and I decided to take Grammy and Grampy, my parents, to the Jersey Lilly for lunch.  The Jersey Lilly is the main attraction in the Old West / ghost town of Ingomar, Montana — 26 dirt road miles north of us here at PV headquarters.  Ingomar has a few habitable homes, an old abandoned school, a rodeo arena, a tiny post office, but most of all the Lil.

Jersey Lilly Saloon and Restaurant in Ingomar Montana
The Jersey Lilly.  Full disclosure:  I did not take this photo but rather found it on the internet.  It’s way better than any photos I have of the Lil.  Do check out the photographer’s website — he’s a Montanan with an impressive professional portfolio of Western photographs.

Jersey Lilly owners Boots and June are doing their best to make things work despite the current COVID-19 climate.  On weekdays, because not too many customers are venturing far from home these days, Boots and June deliver their famous Jersey Lilly beans by the quart to fill orders in nearby towns.  On weekends they fill to-go orders — not just beans but burgers and other sandwiches — out of their kitchen for folks out for a drive.

Today we ordered ahead as we drove to Ingomar, then ate at the picnic table out on the boardwalk.  It was good to see Boots and June and hear their news.  Good to see the countryside greening up as we drove.  The kids enjoyed playing in the old high school gymnasium, too.  (They’re always surprised to rediscover I know how to dribble a basketball.)


Below, a few more photos from today’s adventure… and good night!




© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Lunch at the Lil

  1. Ah, the Jersey Lil…love that place. Great food, for sure. I first went there with a friend from Miles City. She and I would often go to Presbytery and to Presbyterian Women events together and stopped there on our way back from Lewistown, as I recall. It was the first time I had ever had an appetizer of soda crackers, orange slices, onion slices and cheese….they were really good, much to my surprise. When I was leaving Montana to go to Idaho, she took me to the Jersey Lil for a farewell dinner. And then, upon my return to Montana some 8 years later, we met there, as I recall. And then, your rehearsal dinner was there! Great memories!!!


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