Pictures from yesterday

As promised, tonight I’m sharing the photos I took yesterday as we trailed bulls home from their winter pasture.  I think some of my happiest pictures are taken from the saddle… and you’ll see Jiggers’ ears in several of these shots!

Asher was my partner in crime yesterday.  I value opportunities to ride 1-on-1 with any of my kiddos, because that’s when I can really focus on teaching new skills and (most importantly) teaching safety.  At 9, Asher’s too young to ride a circle on his own, but getting good enough that he and I can do one job together… so it’s my special privilege to be his riding buddy.  He’s learning fast!
As I said yesterday, it’s rough, steep country over there.
The gather coming together…
Here I’m holding Beau’s horse, Oz, as Beau takes off footback to climb up to the bulls stranded beyond that rock up there.
Finally gathered… with Table Rock (a local landmark) in the background.
The PV bull pasture is a particularly challenging gather for a few reasons beyond being so steep and rough:  a deep irrigation ditch runs along the north fence, it’s home to an electrical substation (which really creeps out the horses), the wind is usually howling there on the north face of the Hysham Hills, the loose horses in the pasture next door do their best to stir up the saddle horses, and as soon as you’re gathered and leave the pasture to start the trail home you immediately cross railroad tracks.  We’ve had a few close calls with trains and bulls over the years, but luckily we hadn’t left the pasture yet yesterday when this train went rumbling by!
After the railroad tracks, it’s up and over the Yellowstone River.
Then another mile up the highway… (how about that green grass that’s popping up?!)…
… then up the lane to ranch headquarters.  And we’re pretty sure we made it home with every last bull.  Maybe even one extra!

© Tami Blake

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