Sunday adventure with Grammy and Grampy


I took a lot of pictures today, but my pillow is calling to me, so for now I’ll share just one — and plan to tell the rest of the story tomorrow.

Throughout this period of hunkering down, the kids and I have been trying to log extra adventures with my parents (Grammy and Grampy to the kids).  My folks’ world has been changed a lot by this Coronavirus business:  Mom can’t visit her mother, my grandmother, who is on lockdown in a Billings nursing home; Mom and Dad can’t hang out with their other grandkids, my sisters’ kids, because they’re a couple counties away and live with a medical professional; their faithful weekly pilgrimage to the church they raised me in has been halted; AND, unlike me, they shoulder the sense of responsibility common to their generation for keeping up with national news… and so experience the emotional ups and downs that come with following the pandemic.

The only thing I know to do to help any of us is get out and about.  We have, after all, a big ranch for a backyard, and it’s overflowing with natural beauty and with historical sites which for all these years we’ve usually been too busy working to appreciate.  Dad is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to this ranch where he’s worked for almost all of his adult life.  My older kids are eager to soak up Grampy’s information.  So to watch as that history and knowledge is passed from one generation to the next… to be logging quality time with all of them at once… to be crossing an adventure off my bucket list… it’s all very good.

Today found us at a 100-year-old rock barn that sits up a little draw near where Willow Creek comes into Muggins Creek.  And… more details tomorrow!

© Tami Blake

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