Fun stuff happening in my kitchen!


We planted 12 tomato seeds!  I saw the egg shell idea somewhere and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it works.  (And yep, it snowed again last night and was 22 degrees this morning.)


I’ve got 4 potatoes left and they’re sprouting!  I’m saving all of them to plant.  I was going to plant on Good Friday, according to tradition, but then it got really cold… and when I googled for information on planting on Good Friday, turns out that that whole concept is based on superstition anyway and isn’t exactly practical for Montana.  Now I’m armed with a planting schedule courtesy of the Farmers’ Almanac online, and the potatoes are safe and sound here in the kitchen for a couple more weeks.


A box full of coffee and chocolate, sourced out of Honduras, came in the mail!  Once upon a time a little girl named Emily grew up here at Butte Camp on the PV.  Now she and her husband and their children work with a church-planting network in Honduras, and their project is funded by a coffee farm that provides local jobs and pays fair prices.  Mmmm — Beau loves the dark chocolate!  Order your own good stuff at


We made a huge batch of play dough and I’m always amazed by how much mileage our kids can get out of simple play dough.  That’s Emi’s handiwork above — and Asher’s below.


P.S. — This is what happens when I blog when the kids are awake:


© Tami Blake

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