The last of Easter 2020

Two-year-old Muggins helped me make sugar cookie dough.  (I used my last cup of white sugar in the mix — gasp!)
… and they turned out like this!  Frosted sugar cookies are a serious weakness of mine.


We dyed Easter eggs at Grandma’s house.  Emi always has to get elbow-deep.
… and they turned out like this!
Jessie from church delivered these Italian Easter bread treats to our house for the kids, which was so special because the kids were pretty worried about all the traditions we’re missing out on this year — including the big egg-dying-Italian-Easter-bread-eating extravaganza for the kids that usually happens at the church the Saturday before Easter.
Because it was cold and snowy on Easter, we hunted eggs in Grandma’s garage!
And then, of course, there was lots of going-through-the-plunder-on-the-kitchen-floor.
Asher got new boots for Easter.  We always get our kids a gift or two for Easter, similar to Christmas, because… well… they’re always in need of essential stuff like clothes and books.  As for Asher, he has suddenly outgrown everything — from undies to socks to shirts to boots.  So the Easter bunny was pretty darn good to him.  (We are in search of a barrel-chested, stout young feller who might pass hand-me-downs along to Asher.  Ha!)



It was a pretty darn good Easter here, all things considered.  The tough part was that we couldn’t be with my sister Sue and her family — they’ve been hunkered down 70 miles to the east and the kids are seriously missing their cousins (I think it goes both ways).  We survive by sending fun videos and photos back and forth via text.  More on that later today…

© Tami Blake

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