Easter snow

As happens sometimes around here, a snowstorm blew in this Easter weekend — 5 or 6 inches PLUS it was only 18 degrees this morning.  Though a wet April snow brings with it welcome moisture, we’re always hopeful the sun will come out soon and dry things up — keeping in mind those brand-new baby calves that are arriving in every calving pasture on the ranch.  The PV cows calve on the range, far away from any barn, and the muddy roads that accompany storms like this mean it’s really hard for the cowboys to get to the cows, much less help them.  So the mama cows are on their own out there until the roads dry up… but we are confident knowing that they were bred and born to take care of themselves and their little ones.

Meanwhile, we might be shin-deep in snow, but we’re sure keeping our Southern family in our prayers… bad thunderstorms and tornadoes are looming in their part of the country.

Here’s what our Easter weekend looked like:






Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 10.15.43 PM


More Easter pics tomorrow!  Hope you had a good one too!

© Tami Blake

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