Bulls out, field trip to DQ, pen for piggy

Howdy!  Hope you’re all doing okay.  This is such a strange time in our old world, isn’t it?  Today I’m thinking of friends far and wide as we all prepare to celebrate Easter 2020, from our own homes and probably without friends and extended family.

I’ve never known exactly who reads my blog; I have no way to tell unless someone leaves a comment (or mentions it to me in person).  But tonight, for the first time since I started blogging in 2015, I want to go ahead and say hey to the regular readers I DO know about.  Thanks for reading my writing through all the highs and lows.  Thanks for sticking with me despite the lows.  And know I wish you the very best kind of Easter:  Tay & Nate, Maxine, Aunt Gail and Syd, Leesa, Liesl, Glenna, Deb, Emily, Cow Patty, the girl from India who always likes my posts, Bob & Joy, Mim, Sarita, Ms. B., Mom, and anyone else I’m not remembering to add to this quick list.  Wherever you are now, I’m thinking of you and appreciating you.  I hope you all find a satisfactory way to celebrate and enjoy life this weekend.  It’ll be pretty easy for me to find joy on Easter because I live with four little joy-machines.  Like, lick-your-mom-when-she’s-not-looking joy.  Spin-in-circles-til-you-fall-down joy.  Cover-your-head-in-straw-and-love-it joy.

I know that if you don’t live with joy-machines, it might be tougher for you this Easter.  And so I’ll share our pictures in hopes that they help you if you’re sheltering alone.

I know folks all around the world are worried right now.  Anxious.  Restless.  I get that way sometimes too.  But usually… okay, fairly often… I’m able to take my own advice:

Rest in the reality that Jesus has risen!  He’s already defeated death and prepared a place in heaven for believers — a place where there is no sickness and no sadness.  The VeggieTales sing, “God is bigger than the boogeyman.  He’s bigger than godzilla and the monsters on TV!”  Well, God is bigger than COVID-19 too.  He’s bigger than social distancing.  He’s bigger than economic disaster.  He’s got a plan here.  And his plans always work out for the good of those who believe in Him.


So that’s my version of an online Easter hug.  Thank you again for reading.

Now, on to the daily dose from the joy-machines:

There were a couple of bulls out of their pasture across the river this morning.  I rode with Beau to get them back in (it was a quick job), then the kids helped us walk and check the fence that runs parallel to the railroad tracks.  I hope it’s legal to walk on railroad tracks… ?
60824993590__499E1F21-3A8C-441E-9A2D-C3DD72B15D58 (1)
I just, I just, I just needed some sort of fast food today.  So I drove the kids to the nearest fast food restaurant:  Dairy Queen in Forsyth, 40 miles east of here.  We went through the drive-through and got ice cream, and corn dogs, and we stopped at a park to play before leaving town.  We hadn’t been past nearby Hysham in over three weeks.
At home this evening we all worked together to build a pen for the 4-H pig.  Asher and Emi teamed up to drive this t-post into the ground; it was pretty hilarious.



Inside the pen, and because the weatherman is predicting we’ll have cold and snow this weekend, we built a square-bale fort for Piggy.  The kids love being inside the fort.  They made big plans to spend the night with Piggy in his fort and wondered when they should do exactly that.  I nodded and smiled.

© Tami Blake

8 thoughts on “Bulls out, field trip to DQ, pen for piggy

  1. I so appreciate your posts, Tami! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter! Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!! With love, Deb and Tom


  2. Happy Easter to you and your family!!I enjoy reading your posts. Christ has Risen! ! He has Risen indeed!! 💕 Carol


  3. Always enjoy your pictures. You have a beautiful family. These are strange times. Much different than our usual Easter. Happy Easter to you and your family. Look forward to reading your blog each day. Thanks!


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