We officially become 4-H parents


This is Asher’s first year in 4-H, and he’s signed up to take a market hog to the county fair scheduled for July.  The extension agents have been working hard to solve the logistics of hosting a county fair in our new COVID-19 world, and they’ve assured us 4-H parents that we’ll be the first to know if the fair can’t go on this year.  Until then, fair plans — on both the macro and micro levels — are proceeding as normal.

Asher signed up for the pig project way back last October, and he had agreed to buy this particular pig more than a month ago.  And so county fair or not, “Sniffs” the piggy has now joined our family.

Beau and Asher drove westward last night to meet Sniffs and bring him home.  Our friends the Lanes — who actually set Beau and I up on a blind date 18 years ago — had recently picked up a load of show pigs for 4-Hers in their area, and one of the pigs was intended for Asher.  Last night was the pick-up date:  Beau met them in a dark parking lot, they exchanged money, they backed their trailers end-to-end, and they exchanged the goods.  (Meaning the piggy.)

And just like that, we Blakes became the caretakers of a show pig that must be fed properly and finished by a certain deadline and prepared for sale by auction.  Assuming the fair will actually proceed, it’s up to us to physically get the pig and Asher to the fair for a four-night campout.  Before that, we will have to school Asher on the logistics of showing a pig.  (Not that we really know how to show a pig.)  We will have to make sure Asher’s pig is bathed before the show.  We will have to have Asher and the pig at a certain show ring at a certain hour during the fair.  And we really ought to make sure Asher is clean, too, and wearing nice clothing, and that his hair is combed, and that all the sleepies have been wiped out of the corners of his eyes before the judge looks him over.  We… we…


We’re not sure we’re ready for the responsibility of being real 4-H parents.

But it’s too late to back out now.

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “We officially become 4-H parents

  1. Yay for 4-H! Awesome life lessons!
    For Math & Ag class – Asher can identify what number his pig was by the notches on his ear :-).
    Thanks for continuing to write!


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