Rojo joins the family

Today’s Weather:

As predicted, we woke to cold and snow on the ground.  The snow melted, then froze, and now we’re covered with a sheet of ice.  Supposed to get down to 9° tonight.



Today On The Ranch:

– The calves that pasture-weaned at Ridge Camp came into the feedlot yesterday and so cried with homesickness all night.  It’s a noise we’re used to hearing in the fall, but it seems displaced here in April — as does the snow.

– Another day of Bangs-vaccinating heifers.  My mom and the kids helped me serve tacos and French silk pie to the vet crew for lunch.  (Last night our family watched Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, who has been posting “quarantine cooking” episodes on YouTube, make the same pie… and we just had to try it for ourselves.)  Today was my last day of cooking for the vaccinating crew, which is probably a good thing, because we’re starting to question the wisdom of all of us eating together at this time when we’re supposed to be rationing and social distancing.


What’s Inspiring Me Today:

I’ve recently come to the realization that I’m in a new stage of life.  And it’s an easier stage than the one I just came out of.

The baby of the family is 2 years and 2 months now, so I probably ought to quit calling him the baby.  Ha!  But the message I want to share is that Life Is Getting Easier.  He’s more independent now,  he’s a happy (and, okay, demanding and destructive) little guy, his big sibs help me keep an eye on him, the spring weather has been pretty great for playing outside, and we are blessed with a great yard for the kids to hang out in.

The two-year-long-pressure of babyhood is finally letting up for me, the mama, and I am pleased to report I’m finding it possible to cover the homeschooling basics AND get the dishes done ALL IN ONE DAY.  That’s like a miracle for me.  I’ve even been able to ride more lately, because he’s at long last decided it’s okay if I’m out of his sight for a couple hours, and the laundry doesn’t seem like an impossible dilemma anymore.  In short, life doesn’t seem as impossible as it did.

It feels great, finally feeling like I’m capable of taking care of this family I’ve created.  For so long I just felt so behind, so insufficient, so harried, like I wasn’t getting anything good done all the way.  Looking back now, of course it was because we chose to invest in that fourth baby… and the next two years were a blur for me.  No matter what people say, babies change your life.  If you think, as we perhaps did, that there’s no way the chaos could increase that much between three and four kids… think again.  But the happy ending is this:  babies get older and it gets a little easier.  (Maybe until they hit their teenage years?  I don’t know yet.)


Photos Of The Day:

This is Asher’s first year in 4-H, and he’s signed up to show a bucket calf at the county fair in July.  (At this point we’re assuming the pandemic will be over by July.)  When local veterinarian Dr. Cunningham heard the other day over lunch that Asher was in need of a bucket calf, he offered a twin heifer out of his own registered Red Angus herd.  Asher, who evidently gets tired of seeing all the black cattle around here, said, “I’ve always dreamed of having a red calf!”  And so Rojo is the newest member of our family.
Because it’s supposed to get so cold tonight, we moved Rojo from her pen into the horse trailer and under a heat lamp.  She’s a keeper : )

© Tami Blake

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