Emi’s graceful get-on

Today’s Weather:  High of 51.  Low of 26.  Such a beautiful spring day that we did a lot of our school outside.

Today On The Ranch:  Beau headed to Butte Camp to help Vergal move the North Butte cows into South Butte.

Today’s Best Video:  Nine-year-old Asher has officially outgrown 290-pound Little Neigh.  Asher got the first couple rides on this tiny pony of ours — our family’s first adventure with a less-than-full-size horse — and now it’s up to 7-year-old Emi to take the reins and finish the project.  And she’s doing great so far.  I’m a proud mama.

I have high hopes that this little girl of ours will grow up to be better than I’ve been able to be… in so many ways.  And look at this:  I’ve only dreamed of getting on a horse (even a tiny one!) so gracefully as she does.  She and I were both extremely tickled tonight when she figured this out.  (Email subscribers may need to go directly to montanamama.me in order to view this 7-second video.)


© Tami Blake

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