We finally got the playhouse relocated!

Over a year ago I just had to buy one of those comes-in-a-box playhouses at Costco.  It was the middle of February, in the terrible winter of 2019, when we lugged the heavy boxful of playhouse pieces through our front door.  There was absolutely no chance of setting the playhouse up in the yard in that weather.  So the kids begged Beau to put it up inside the house… and he did just that!

The playhouse-in-a-box turned out to consist of approximately 7,562 pieces that needed to be tacked together with 5,913 screws.  It took Beau numerous precious off-work hours to assemble the playhouse in the kids’ bedroom last winter.  Finally, finally, it was finished.  They played with it and loved it…

… and then summer came.  And the kids wished the playhouse was outside.

And then we rearranged rooms in our house, because we’re in this years-long process of trying to make this old house work for our growing family, and that meant the playhouse was now in Mommy’s and Daddy’s bedroom.  Not ideal.

Beau dreaded taking the playhouse apart in order to move it outdoors.  And then, as always happens, our life got super busy.  Months went by and clutter of all kinds — luggage, hand-me-downs, Christmas decorations and more — built up inside and around the playhouse that lived in my bedroom.  When would we ever find the time and energy to relocate it?

But.  Never underestimate the power of two little girls whispering in their daddy’s ear.  And that is how we Blakes finally got the playhouse moved this weekend.

I took the girls to Grandma’s house, and I took Asher to Colt’s house, which meant that Beau had some time alone at home to think about how he wanted to go about the big move.  It’s no small feat, you know, moving a building.

Here’s where it was before (this was after we had done some serious straightening up in the space):


And… da-da-da-da-da!  Here’s where it is now:


Daddy’s handsome little helper:



So now we officially have a playhouse in our yard… which is where it was always meant to be.

© Tami Blake

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