We are not anxious.


We Blakes are kinda homebodies.  And we were homeschooling long before the governor shut down schools for two weeks.  And our family has already withstood a couple of nasty cold and flu bugs this season.

All that to say, we’re not too worried about Coronavirus at our house.  We don’t watch the news and I think that helps a lot with anxiety.  Plus, we know we’re extremely blessed to be out here in the middle of nowhere, where there are approximately 1 humans in every 12.3 square miles. Things in this ol’ world would have to get pretty bad to affect us out here in Eastern Montana.


Beau and I do know what’s going on out in the rest of the world.  (I mean, it’d be pretty hard not to know, right?  My main source of information is my mom, who does watch the news, and Beau’s source is — yikes! — Rush Limbaugh.)  And to sum up our thoughts on the whole thing, we’re not as worried about the virus causing a national disaster as we are worried about people causing a national disaster.

We’ve been sitting back and laughing at everyone rushing out to stock up on toilet paper.  Ha!  We would never overreact like that, right?  We usually grocery shop just once a month, so we have no need to hurry and buy anything.

But I’ve been thinking, and the thing is… what if the situation keeps escalating?  What if people, the kind of people you could never rationalize with, continue to stockpile?  What if demand continues to outpace supply?  What if the shutdown’s effect on the national economy causes people to do even crazier things in the coming weeks?

What if we Blakes have to hunker down out here on the ranch and keep to ourselves for the next few months?  One thing’s for sure:  We are extremely thankful that we have the place to do exactly that.  As long as the world needs beef, we will (God willing) have a job and a paycheck.  As long as we’re here, we will have beef to eat at our own table, and honey too, and within a few weeks we’ll be able to plant a garden right here in the yard.  If worse came to worst, we would have a quarter of a million acres in which to hide out.  The shortages and panic that could easily consume a more populated area are other-worldly from our vantage point here at the PV.

But another thing’s for sure:  If we DO have to hunker down, we will need more supplies than we have right now.  So, with that in mind, I am going to Billings tomorrow to get groceries.  Not because we want to add to the bedlam but because, darn it, if things get really bad I don’t want to be the only one without toilet paper!

Tonight I placed an order online to pick up tomorrow at the nearest Walmart (70 miles away).  I can tell you what Walmart does NOT have in stock:  Rice.  Dried beans.  Yeast.  White sugar.  Pasta.  Toilet paper.  Paper towels.  Frozen peas.  Canned tomatoes.  And a lot more.  I can also tell you that they’re limiting online orders (at least) to two of any item that they DO have.  They didn’t have any cans of tuna, for instance, but the system did allow me to order two small pouches of tuna.

What this means is that tomorrow I will have to brave it and wander into Costco, live and in person, in search of toilet paper and rice.  Oh, and chocolate chips.  Because who wants to go into hiding without chocolate?

Wish me luck!


Today’s Weather:  High of 26.  Low of 18.  We got about three inches of snow this afternoon.  Sam the GM did not show the whites of his eyes.  Beau and crew got the well pulled at Three Sections.

© Tami Blake

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