Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today’s Weather:  High of 53.  Low of 12.  Sunny and muddy — the snow from this past weekend is almost gone.


Today On The Ranch:  Ours was a quiet St. Patrick’s Day.  I actually complete forgot about the green until far into the evening, at which point I scrambled to find a YouTube video that would educate the kids (and, okay, us grownups too) about the holiday.

The caker (which failed me yesterday) is broken in a serious way.  But I didn’t break it!  I just happened to be the one caking on the day it first decided not to work.  I swear.

Beau took the old cake wagon, then, to feed the cows at Creeks’ today.  I’m sure the cows were happy that somebody finally delivered the groceries after my misadventure in feeding yesterday.

This afternoon Beau went to Horse Camp to look at the Dynamite Hill well with Brian.  The well hasn’t been working for a couple days; luckily there’s a second well in the Three Sections pasture that the cattle are drinking from.  Beau is making plans to pull the Dynamite Hill well within the next few days.

Here at home, the kids and I focused on school.  We are getting a big kick out of the joke that right now almost all the kids in the world are homeschooling!

We also made a batch of cookies, because there’s a chance that Beau’s general manager is coming to the PV this week (you never know for sure, to borrow an old colloquialism, until you see the whites of his eyes).  Anyhow, there’s this ongoing joke that when Mr. Sam is here he wants some of my mom’s world-famous oatmeal-raisin cookies.  My mom kinda thinks the notion is bogus — she thinks maybe she served Mr. Sam oatmeal cookies once in all the years she’s known him, and, she says, those were probably store-bought oatmeal cookies.  Nevertheless, our family does have a really good oatmeal-raisin cookies recipe that came from my Grandma Arvik.  So that’s what the kids and I made.  Because, hey, it’s an excuse to bake cookies, right?

Most of all we are just watching from our quiet corner of the world as Coronavirus and public reaction to it sweep the country.  I called the local hardware store today looking for room-darkening blinds but jokingly asked if they had any toilet paper.  They thought I was serious!  Answer:  they do, and they’re selling it for $1.50 a roll — or $79 for a case.


Picture Of The Day:  Emi (7) and Marsi (4) have decide they’re going to sleep together on the top bunk.  So I caught these two Daddy’s girls tonight, both in the top bunk, each with her own issue of Bowhunter magazine.


© Tami Blake

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