Today’s Weather:  High of 36.  Low of 27.  The weatherman is threatening snow.

Today On The Ranch:  Beau fed and tied up some loose ends this morning, then enjoyed his Saturday afternoon off.  Asher pulled all of his coyote snares — trapping season is officially over.  I’m still trying to get organized for tomorrow’s annual meeting of the rodeo club.  (I’m always amazed by how much time a volunteer role like this uses up.)

What’s Inspiring Us Today:  For lovers of podcasts (like we are):  The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.  He just interviews all kinds of people who lead businesses and organizations.  Beau and I both find ourselves in various leadership positions these days (and it’s not as easy or awesome as might’ve guessed it would be a few years ago) and so we can use all the advice and tips we can get!

Photo of the Day:  Because pretty much every effort I’ve made at organization in the last nine years of motherhood has been tested, abused, mocked, and defeated:


© Tami Blake

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