Good news for Fish


When Beau’s big, stout warhorse “Fish” came in super lame last night, Beau and I were both secretly mighty concerned about him.  It’s never a good thing when a horse is gimping around on three legs.  Because there was no blood, we assumed something was either broken or severely pulled in his left rear leg.  But we didn’t say anything like that out loud.

Beau got him into the vet today, and imagine our delight when — after a hefty dose of sedative — Dr. Cunningham decided that Fish has only a hoof abscess.  Abscesses can simmer quietly in a horse’s hoof for months before they hit the surface of the foot and cause immediate pain, swelling, etc., and evidently that’s what happened to Fish.  It’s no small amount of pain that brings a ranch horse like him to a standstill.  The good news is, he’ll grow out of this pain as his hoof grows.  Now he’ll need a few weeks of resting in the corral to heal up, which means Beau won’t be able to ride him this calving season, but we’re so thankful to know Fish’s problem is relatively minor compared to what it could’ve been.  Our horses are part of our family but also investments and tools… so our relief over his diagnosis is two-fold.


Today’s Weather:  High of 39.  Low of 25.  Snow, sleet, and rain threatened all day but never added up to much.  This afternoon the two big kids accompanied Beau to the vet while I took the two little kids to Billings for groceries and to pick up a print order for Sunday’s rodeo club meeting.

© Tami Blake

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