Jacob’s last day


Today was Jacob’s last day of work on the PV.  We know that help comes and help goes on a corporate ranch, but we will sure miss Jacob.


Yesterday On The Ranch:  Beau caked at Creeks’.  He and my dad and Bill went to Froze-to-Death to rescue a cake trailer that was stranded in the mud.  I spent a lot of time on the phone and computer prepping for the Custer Rodeo Club annual meeting coming up this weekend (more on that in an upcoming post), so in the evening Beau took the four kids for a walk at the bull pasture in the Hysham Hills to “check fence” (the ol’ buggars keep sneaking out of their pasture).  It’s pretty rough country in the Hysham Hills — lots of pine trees, steep inclines, and sandrocks.  Beau reports that among our kids we have three mountain goats and one mountain damsel.  The damsel (usually in distress) would be Marsi, the sensitive one.


Today On The Ranch:  High of 55.  Low of 34.  Another mild day like yesterday, though mostly overcast — and we got a good rain tonight.  Beau was gone all day, to Billings, where he made about 15 stops to pick up various ranch supplies.  At home the kids and I focused on school.

Today was Jacob’s last day of work; he’s off to work at Sunlight Ranches Co. in Wyoming, and though it’s a great opportunity for him and his little family, we hate to see him go.  (Also, we are on the search for a cowboy.)

While Jacob was across the river today getting his horses in and ready for the trip to Wyoming, he found Beau’s horse, Fish, lame in the winter horse pasture.  Jacob brought Fish home to the barn, and when Beau came in tonight we looked at him.  No blood or cuts, but he’s not putting weight on his left rear leg.  First thing in the morning:  A call to Dr. Cunningham at Treasure Vet.  Until then, just praying that it’s not as bad as it seems.

© Tami Blake

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