If you don’t like the weather in Montana…

… just stick around for a few hours.  That’s what they say, right?

This past weekend was true to those words.  On Saturday we were all outside wearing short sleeves in 70-degree weather.  I even ran the mower some (attempting to pick up pine needles that are layered thick on the grass).

When we woke up Sunday morning there was a blanket of snow on the ground.  And it was chilly enough that patches of it stuck around all day.  We took the snow as a sign that we needed to stay home and rest up and heal up.  We skipped church, we skipped 4-H, and I took two naps and felt a little better.

Today’s high was 46; the low was 30.  It was sunny and clear, and yesterday’s snow is long gone.  Often Monday just seems like a crazy and confusing restart following the weekend, and today was no different.  Beau and I worked some at sorting through the shelves in the vet shack (he let me throw away a box of boluses that expired in ’92 — score!), he worked at ranch bills and went with my dad to the Froze-to-Death Grazing District meeting, the kids rode Little Neigh and had piano lessons this evening.

Oh!  And it was nice enough again to do yard work…


Yep, Muggins tipped over the wheelbarrow full of sod.  More than once.

© Tami Blake

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