Today’s Weather:  High of 72.  Low of 39.  An absolutely beautiful day.


Today On The Ranch:  Beau and most of the ranch employees attended a safety meeting over lunch and this afternoon in nearby Hysham.  At a safety meeting, experts present information and ideas to agricultural workers which, if implemented, could help foster a safer work environment on the ranch.  (Attendance means that the ranch’s accident insurance costs stay lower, too.)

My mom helped me juggle sick kids this morning so I could prepare a flier for mass mailing to the Custer community on behalf of the Custer Rodeo Club.  That is one thing I’d never done before, the flier-mailing thing, so hey!  I learned something today.  (More on the Custer Rodeo Club another night.)


What’s Inspiring Me Today:  Beau and I just finished watching the movie Instant Family on Amazon.  It’s the story of a well-established 30-ish couple who realize they never got around to having kids… and then decide they should try fostering.  They go through the classes, they end up with three siblings, and overnight their life goes from quiet and tidy to chaotic and complicated.  It’s hilarious, it’s touching, it’s super well done, and it paints a very real picture of what life must be like in a foster family.


Picture Of The Day:

Photo by Beau, taken north of Custer.  Result of the big wind two days ago.

© Tami Blake

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