Workin’ on the springtime list

Today’s Weather:  High of 55.  Low of 35.  A strange little hail storm blew through about 11 a.m., followed by a drizzle of rain.


Today On The Ranch:  We’re on the countdown to calving — both cows and heifers should start around April 1.  That means just a couple weeks remain of that peaceful time of year when we focus on feeding/winter chores and catching up on special projects; towards the end of this month it’ll be time to get cattle situated in their calving pastures.

Today was a typical day for this time of year for both Beau and me.  A few highlights:

-We still have four kids coughing… a lot… (sometimes four of them coughing all at once makes me feel near frantic!)… which means we’re not up to full speed yet around here.  Muggins loves Baby Einstein’s show about farm animals, so that’s saving my life these days.

This is real life, folks.  My desk is messy.  Muggins isn’t dressed.  And that coffee cup over there, which I thoughtlessly left on my desk after I turned on Baby Einstein, was busted soon after this photo was taken.

-We did get some schoolwork done today despite the coughing.  For a special project we made butter in a mason jar, and I have to say it was pretty neat!

After 2 minutes of shaking the cream in the jar.
After 7 minutes of shaking the cream in the jar.

-Bill went to cake at Froze-to-Death and got stuck.  Someone went to get him but they left the pickup there in the mud.

-Beau made a thorough check of the bulls in their winter pasture across the river today.

-He also spent a lot of time on the phone with an HR rep from Denver; Beau was attempting to explain a worker’s comp claim from last year in which a guy got a finger caught in his dallies.

-Asher checked his coyote traps today (still a total of one for the season).

-A guy stopped by looking for a job.

-I made a quick trip to the vet clinic with Little Neigh in tow.  (Yesterday when the vet was here I forgot all about getting Little Neigh vaccinated.  I needed to get some stuff for the cow camps at the vet clinic this afternoon anyway, so Asher hopped Little Neigh in the trailer and we took him to town with us… and now I can officially check vaccinate our own horses off the springtime list.  This seems a little weird… could it be that I’m actually ahead of schedule?!)


© Tami Blake

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