Some days just be that way

Today’s Weather:  High of 50.  Low of 26.  Windy.  Cloudy.  A few rain drops.

Today On The Ranch:  It was the kind of day that Beau and I kinda run circles around each other trying to do all that needs to be done to manage the family and manage the ranch.

The farrier was here this morning before all the kids were dressed, even, and he trimmed nine of our personal horses before noon.  I had to run to the winter pasture across the river to get eight of those horses, and I had to make two trips because eight horses don’t exactly fit in our eight-horse trailer.  Luckily the winter pasture is just 4 or 5 miles from the barn here, so I had plenty of time to make the second trip… but still, by the time I got them all back to their pasture by this afternoon, I felt like I’d been on the road all day.

While the horses were here at the barn, I had the idea that I might as well call the vet clinic to see if one of the vets could come out to give them their spring vaccinations.  Sure enough, Dr. Brenae came out with a vet tech after lunch, and, working together, we three gals got 11 horses dewormed, treated for ticks, and vaccinated in great time.  (This is the kind of work that Beau and I could easily do together… but also the kind of stuff we never seem to get around to doing, which is probably why the horses didn’t get vaccinated last year.)

Beau has been delegating a few more ranch responsibilities to me, and horse care falls under my umbrella.  (Beyond our own personal horses on the ranch, several employees pasture their personal horses here, and there are a few ranch-owned horses that live at the cow camps.  All told, it’s over 50 head.)  Of course Beau is still the one calling the final shots on ranch business.  The thing is, even after 17 years of marriage, I’m still not always exactly sure of what he really means by the time we get done talking.  And on days like today we have only moments to discuss a decision; most of what we said today, even concerning important stuff, was said in passing and with a kid yelling in my ear.

And then there’s this difference between my fair husband and myself:  When trying to accomplish something like annual horse vaccinations, I ask these questions:  Is it more efficient?  Is it fantastic?  How soon can we start?  And he asks these questions:  Is the shot in the muscle or intradermal?  What’s the cost per head?  If we used liquid dewormer instead of paste, how much money could we save?

So.  You can understand how sometimes, in the middle of managing either the family or the house, Beau and I suddenly come to the conclusion that we’re not only NOT on the same page but in fact looking at different books.

The two of us didn’t get to the bottom of what Beau really wanted me to do concerning horse vaccines and what I strongly felt concerning horse vaccines until after the kids were in bed tonight.  In the meantime, I had spoken to two different vets and three different vet techs today trying to keep up with what I was supposed to be doing.

In all fairness, I watched this evening as Beau counted the phone calls he had made or received between 2 p.m. and quitting time today:  there were 26.  That’s a lot of phone calls!  He said the topics ranged (depending on the voice at the other end) from mineral to silage to hay to soybeans to fencing to OSHA to tires to yellow peas to dump trucks to railroad ties to missing checks.

So.  The thing is that I had one task I wanted to force through and accomplish today… and that was vaccinating horses.  Beau had at least 27 people pushing 27 different topics at him… and I was just 1 of the 27.

There’s more to do than he can do by himself, and that’s why I’m here.  So we’ll keep working at it, learning and figuring things out from one year to the next until eventually we have it all down pat and smooth.

But still, probably… some days are just gonna be that way.


Asher’s play dough depiction of a forest seems both detailed and chaotic enough to represent our day today.

© Tami Blake

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