The sensitive one hits a milestone

Three of our kids have always showed an earnest interest in growing up.

And then there’s Marsi.  She’s different from the others.

As soon as I read a book about “highly sensitive people” last year (yep, it’s a real thing), I knew that I had figured out Marsi’s deal.  Four-year-old Marsi, our third-born, is extremely sensitive to the world around her.  She’s either too hot or too cold, rarely just right.  Not a day goes by that she doesn’t suffer a “major” injury or illness.  She hears and is irritated by sounds that the rest of the world just tunes out, like the alarm beeping on someone’s wristwatch.  The noise of the processing shed, where we work cattle through the chute, is too much for her to bear.  The automatic toilets in public restrooms startle her every time.  She particularly notices who does (and doesn’t) pay mind to her.

And the list goes on.  Pretty much if it can be fussed over, Marsi fusses.

I think her high sensitivity makes the world seem like a pretty overwhelming place to her.  And so Marsi has always been most content to just stay little.

While the other three are always pushing the envelope, looking to do more than they’re ready for, Marsi typically holds back.  She has been happy to be Mama’s girl, safe and close and cozy.  She even does the baby talk thing if we allow her.

That’s just Marsi.  She’s healthy (except for, of course, the daily injuries and illnesses) and within mostly normal parameters, so we’ve just done our best to love her as she is.

But then she surprised us this week.  Two-year-old Muggins, Marsi’s baby brother, spotted our littlest bike — the one with the training wheels; I say littlest because our yard seems to be the resting place for all the bikes that other kids outgrow and pass on — in the yard and insisted that I help him get it into the porch.  He’s too little to make the thing work, of course, and Asher and Emi are too big.  The bike just fits Marsi, though.

She’d never shown interest in any trike or bike or peddling-type activity before, but something clicked this time.  Before I knew it the bike was in the house and she could actually make it move… and not long after she was riding it back and forth from living room to kitchen, having a great time, and so impressed with herself that she could do it.

I don’t mind one bit that the bike’s inside.  (Hey, what are hardwood floors for, after all?)  I think the most important thing here is that Marsi’s finally getting her groove.

I can only guess what journeying through the rest of life with our little Highly Sensitive Person will be like… but I know this much for sure:  wherever we’re headed, she’ll at least be able to ride a bike with training wheels.


Three cheers for Marsi!


Today’s Weather:  High of 51.  Low of 30.  Another beautiful day!

Today On The Ranch:  Beau headed early to Butte Camp to look at country and the coming-two-year-old heifers (they’re set to start calving April 1).  My parents took a pump to Billings and dropped it off for repair.  Everyone’s just doing the normal winter work around here:  feeding cows in the hills, feeding calves in the feedlot.  There’s even some time this winter, thanks to the pleasant weather, to work on a few special projects.  Such a relief after the last two tough winters.

© Tami Blake

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